Dominant Dany Heatley is Taking His Talents to the Twin Cities


The third day of the 2011 NHL free agency period will go down as a noteworthy one for Sens fans, and not for a deal that directly involved the home team. In what can be considered one of the biggest ex-Ottawa Senator trades of all time, former Sen Dany Heatley of the Sharks was sent packing to Minnesota for former Sen Martin Havlat. Incredible. It sure didn’t take the San Jose long to sour on the former 50-goal all-star – two less-than-stellar playoff performances in back-to-back years may have been a factor. Still, it is amazing at how fast the honeymoon ended for Heatley in California. 

There are several reasons why news of this trade has Sens fans feeling grand on a hot summer’s eve:

– It makes the value received in for Heatley in Ottawa (Cheechoo, Michalek and a 2nd round pick) seem a little more robust.

– Heatley now finds himself on team he’d rather not be a part of in a climate he’d thought he’d left behind. Heatley less comfortable = no complaints.

– Heatley and the Wild visit Ottawa for the Sens season opener on October 11th.

Every way you slice it, it all tastes a like sweet vindication in the Nation’s Capital.


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