SenShot Stumpers Playoff Pool – And The Winner Is…


Here are the final standings for the SenShot Stumpers Playoff Pool.  Congratulations to Daniel who made a finals comeback by correctly predicting the winner AND the right number of games in the final to come from behind to win the pool.

Here are some rather interesting points from the pool:

We all got beat by an 8 year old boy!  Daniel is a third grader who is also a huge Senators fan, and to my knowledge the youngest participant in the pool.  He correctly predicted 11 of the 15 series and got 5 bonus points for getting the number of games correct.

Of the SenShot writers, I had the best score with 33 points while Derrick was next with 27 and Tony, who had a dreadful start, came in with 22 points.

All three of the SenShot staff were beaten in the pool by our “significant others”.  While slightly embarrassing to us, Tony suggested that “our hockey knowledge has rubbed off on them”!

Congratulations Daniel, your prize will be awarded to you shortly!

Here are the scores for the pool.  Thanks to all who participated, especially those who played to the end despite not being in contention to win!

Daniel Z34438
Tricia O37037
Sean M33437
Adam H35035
Myles R34034
Eugene M34034
JARED C33033
John P31031
Ryan S28331
Joe R30030
Dale M30030
Bruce L29029
Kris D29029
Misa F-K29029
Gavin H28028
Harry P27027
Austin W26026
Kristina K25025
Frank R20424
Nikkole D23023
Dave L23023
TONY M22022
Coach K22022
Randall R21021
Brandon S21021
Rob C20020
Keara D20020


Thanks for reading and as always, comments are welcomed.

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