Bet The Farm On Pittsburgh (or Washington) to Win The Cup In 2012


Besides their obvious superior talent level, there is another reason why the overwhelming odds on favorites to hoist the Stanley Cup in 2012 should be Pittsburgh and Washington

The other reason:  The Winter Classic.

In 2008, the Penguins battled the Sabres in the first Winter Classic at Ralph Wilson Stadium in Buffalo.  In 2009, the Penguins and Sidney Crosby raised the Cup in Detroit.

In 2009, the Blackhawks faced the Red Wings at Wrigley Field on Jan 1, and in June 2010 Jonathan Toews was handed the coveted silver chalice by Commissioner Gary Bettman.

2010 saw Boston face Philadelphia outside on New Year’s Day, and in 2011 the Bruins felt the ultimate rush by winning game 7 in Vancouver, with Zdeno Chara raising the cup higher than it has been raised before.

Since the inception of the Winter Classic, one of the participants in the game has gone on to win the Stanley Cup one year later.

So remember, this past Jan. 1, the Penguins and Capitals squared off in a rainy day encounter under the lights in Pittsburgh.  Bet the kids’ college fund on either Sid or Alex being called to centre ice by Bettman at this time next year.

And if you delve just a little bit further, every other year the winner of the Winter Classic wins the Cup, followed by the loser the next year.  Pittburgh won the WC in ’08 ( & the Cup in ’09), Boston in ’10 (Cup in ’11).  In 2009, Chicago lost the Winter Classic and went on to win the Cup in ’10.  If that trend continues it will be Crosby and the Pens in 2012, after losing the WC this year.

I guarantee it*.

(*not an actual guarantee, for entertainment purposes only.  SenShot nor the writer will  be held responsible for any gambling losses incurred by following this advice.  However, if you do cash in on this advice, please remember where you got it and compensate me accordingly!)

And it also begs the question:  When does Ottawa get a chance to play in the Winter Classic?


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