TSN.ca reported on Wednesday evening that TSN.ca reported on Wednesday evening that

Can Murray Move Up To #1?


TSN.ca reported on Wednesday evening that Edmonton Oilers‘ GM Steve Tambellini is willing to listen to trade offers for the #1 overall draft pick.

With Bryan Murray wanting to find a trading partner in order to move up in the draft the question is:  What is the price, and are the Senators willing to ante up to get their selection?

The easy answer would be to give Edmonton the #6 and #21 picks for the #1 overall pick.  If that would be enough for Edmonton to move down 5 spots remains to be seen, and given the top end talent available there will likely be a number of suitors, which will obviously drive the price up.  Perhaps another one of the second round picks or a prospect could sweeten the pot, but I don’t think Murray would sell the farm to move up 5 spots.

Cue the annual Jason Spezza trade rumours……


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