Niedermayer Opens Up To Kevin Smith About Alfredsson; Hockey


Hollywood Director Kevin Smith recently started his own internet Radio Station called SMODCAST INTERNET RADIO (SIR), and on it he hosts a show called “Jay and Silent Bob Get Jobs” with frequent acting partner Jason Mewes.  If you are familiar with Smith’s movies, you are familiar with the characters and with Kevin Smith himself.  If not, read on anyways.

Smith has become a huge hockey fan in recent years, and as a native of New Jersey is a Devils fan.  He is also a devout follower of the career of Wayne Gretzky, and if you hear anything Smith has had to say lately, you know one of his mantras is “go where the puck is going, not where it is” in reference to Walter Gretzky‘s famous advice to a young Wayne.  He is also preparing to make his final movie as a director, a hockey movie based on the Warren Zevon song, Hit Somebody (written by Mitch Albom)

Which brings me back to the radio station and Smith’s show.  On Friday, Smith and Mewes had NHL legend Scott Niedermayer on the show, and it was one of the most entertaining, revealing hockey interviews I have ever heard.  Although not a hockey “expert”, Smith is a fantastic interviewer, and asked Niedermayer some really great questions in the almost 70 minute straight interview.  Aided by the fact that Niedermayer is one of the most humble yet articulate individuals you will find in any walk of life, the interview is compelling and a must listen for all hockey fans in my opinion.  (Just be aware that Smith and Mewes tend to be very loose with the curse words and this interview might not be safe to listen  to around co-workers or young children.)

One of the situations Smith asked Niedermayer about was the infamous slap shot that Daniel Alfredsson allegedly aimed at the Ducks’ captain during the waning moments of the second period of game 4 of the 2007 Stanley Cup Finals.  Niedermayer’s take on the incident is refreshing as are many of his responses to Smith’s queries. I won’t spoil what Niedermayer said about the incident, and it is the first time I have heard him speak publicly in-depth about it, and also because I think the entire interview is entertaining and you should listen too!

The interview can be heard as a podcast from Smith’s website  The show date is Friday, May 27th and you can either listen by streaming, or download the file.  The Niedermayer interview begins around the 20 minute mark, and like I stated earlier goes for about 70 minutes or so.  It is a must listen for any hockey fan, if you can get past the frequent cursing and remember that the interviewers are not hockey experts.  I am a fan of Smith, and if you know his work, you know you are going to get an honest and entertaining effort.


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