SenShot Stumpers Playoff Pool Round 3 Results!


The third round has ended, and the Stanley Cup Finals are set.  The Boston Bruins will take on the Vancouver Canucks for the ultimate supremacy in the NHL.

Also on the line in the next couple of weeks is first place in the Senshot Stumpers playoff pool.

Here are the results after the third round:

Rd 3Rd 2Rd 1TOTAL
Tricia O6112037
Adam H762235
Myles R0112334
Daniel Z482234
Eugene M662234
Sean M7101633
JARED C871833
John P642131
Joe R681630
Dale M642030
Bruce L042529
Kris D741829
Gavin H062228
Ryan S471728
Harry P002727
Austin W341926
Kristina K042125
Nikkole D002323
Misa F-K061723
Dave L071623
Coach K061622
TONY M661022
Randall R071421
Brandon S091221
Rob C002020
Keara D002020
Frank R031720

So you can see that with 4 points still available, there are 7 pickers who have a chance to still win the 1st place prize.  You will also notice that yours truly was the only prognosticator to have a perfect third round!  Also, one of our editors, Tony clawed out of the basement this round by getting both teams right.

Participants should send me their winner, and the number of games they will take to win the Cup.  The TOP 7 players please also send an answer to the TIEBREAKER question:  How many goals will be scored in the Stanley Cup Final? In case of a first place tie, the closest guess to the total, without going over will be awarded the prize.

Picks are due by Midnight Tuesday, May 31.  The picks of all contenders will be posted prior to the beginning of the Finals.


Thanks for reading and as always, comments are welcomed.

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