The Vancouver Canucks won game five last night..."/> The Vancouver Canucks won game five last night..."/>

Canucks Win Game 5 And Advance To The Stanley Cup Finals


The Vancouver Canucks won game five last night of the Western Conference final to advance to the Stanley Cup Finals for the first time in 17 years. This will be the first time the Canucks will play for Lord Stanley since they lost in the 1994 Cup finals to the New York Rangers. With a 4-1 series victory over the San Jose Sharks, the Nucks are the winners of the Clarence Campbell Western Conference Trophy which Vancouver captain Henrik Sedin did not touch during the trophy presentation.

After being the best team all year long while capturing the franchise’s first President’s Trophy, Vancouver struggled through the first two rounds of the playoffs. But they have seemed to have found their mojo as they dispatched of the Sharks in five games. Now they will wait for the conclusion of the Eastern Conference Final to find out who their opponent will be. The Boston Bruins lead the series 3-2 over the Tampa Bay Lightning with game 6 going tonight. 

This game was a nail-biter as Vancouver was down late in the third with less than 20 seconds to go in need of a goal to prolong the game. Ryan Kesler continued his strong playoff run as he was able to score with 13.2 seconds left in the game to send it to overtime. Here is the video of the goal courtesy of

In double overtime, defenceman Kevin Bieksa scored the biggest goal of his career off a fluke bounce off the boards. Check out the video of the game-winning goal.

Nucks’ tender Roberto Luongo made 54 saves and the team was led by Henrik Sedin and Alex Burrows who each had two points. Kesler also had a great game as he was able to shut down Joe Thornton. Vancouver will get a few days off depending on the Eastern Conference final result. The rest will be welcomed as the Nucks are dealing with a lot of injuries. Vancouver is now Canada’s team, so GO NUCKS GO!!!

And lastly, all around good guy, Dany Heatley ending this year’s playoffs with three goals and nine points and lining up on the third line. What was that saying again … DIMINISHED ROLE!!!


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