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NHL Mock Draft Begins on Fansided Network


Hi Sens Fans, just want to let you know of a network-wide NHL Mock Draft happening on our main NHL page, Too Many Men On The Site.  This draft is following the NHL Draft Order, and the players are being selected by the sites that represent the teams.  This means that when the #6 pick comes around, Tony Mendes, our lead writer, will be making the pick on behalf of SenShot and the Ottawa Senators.  This pick will be on Saturday evening, so be sure to check out who SenShot gets on behalf of the Senators.

The Draft started on Monday, with the Edmonton Oilers, and will continue this evening with the Colorado Avalanche.  If you are at all interested in the NHL draft and mock drafts in general, I encourage you to follow along and also vote on your approval of the other teams’ picks.  Check back here at SenShot to have a chance to sway the SenShot management in who we may select, by voting from a list of players still available later in the week!


Thanks for reading and as always, comments are welcomed.

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