Dominant Dany Heatley Gets Kronwallpapered


It is quickly becoming thee moment of the 2011 Stanley Cup playoffs for Sens fans – Niklas Kronwall absolutely levelling Dany Heatley. On a personal level, I have been waiting for this moment ever since Heatley demanded out of Ottawa in June 2009. It may be a tad trite at this point, but somehow I don’t think I’m alone in the sentiment.

The play happened midway through the first period in Game three of the second round series between the Red Wings and Sharks last night. Heatley was breaking out of his own zone along the near glass as Kronwall came streaking accross the ice just inside Sharks blueline. The Detroit defenceman caught the unsuspecting Heatley with a clean, Kronwall-esque body check. There was no penalty on the play. 

Heatley was forced to leave game and spend some time in the “quiet room” where he was inspected for concussion sympoms. He would eventually be cleared and returned to the game. As mentioned by Jared in the previous post, the Sharks went on to win the game in OT and now hold a commanding 3-0 lead in the series. But all of that is just background noise.

With out further ado, Take it away, Niklas…
(video courtesy of RedWingsTVdotCOM)


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