The picks have all been entered..."/>

The picks have all been entered..."/>

SenShot Stumpers Pool Analysis


The picks have all been entered and the analysis done for the SenShot Stumpers playoff prediciton pool.  We had 27 brave souls challenge our three staff writers for the ultimate supremacy in seeing the future, making the total of 30 entrants.

As you could have figured, there are some overwhelming favorites as well as some very close predictions in terms of who would win their respective series’.

Vancouver and San Jose were landslide favorites with 27 out of 30 poolies picking them to win for 90%.  This makes sense as they were the #1 and #2 seeds in the West, although it is slightly surprising that only 3 people thought the defending Stanley Cup champs would defeat the Canucks for the third straight year.

Surprisingly, the closest series was the Philadelphia-Buffalo series as the #2 Flyers were only selected by 60% as opposed to 40% for the #7 Sabres (18-12).

There was one consensus lower seeded winner, and that was for #5 Nashville to “upset” #4 Anaheim. Eighty percent of the entrants believed in the power of Pekka Rinne over the explosive offense of Corey Perry et al.


#1 WASHINGTON VS #8 NEW YORK RANGERS – 23-7 in favor of Washington

#2 PHILADELPHIA vs #7 BUFFALO – 18-12 in favor of Philadelphia

#3 BOSTON vs #6 MONTREAL – 20-10 in favor of Boston

#4 PITTSBURGH vs #5 TAMPA BAY – 19-11 in favor of Pittsburgh

#1 VANCOUVER vs #8 CHICAGO – 27-3 in favor of Vancouver

#2 SAN JOSE vs #7 LOS ANGELES – 27-3 in favor of San Jose

#3 DETROIT vs #6 PHOENIX – 23-7 in favor of Detroit

#4 ANAHEIM vs #5 NASHVILLE – 24-6 in favor of Nashville

The pool standings will be published at the completion of the first round.  Thanks for participating!


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