One More Day To Enter SenShot Stumpers Playoff Pool – Tony’s Picks Revealed


Tomorrow (Friday) at 5 pm is the deadline to get your selections in for the SenShot Stumpers FREE playoff pool. As we did yesterday with Derrick’s picks, today we are revealing Tony’s picks.

So without further delay, here are Tony’s predictions for the first round:

New York Rangers – 7
Buffalo Sabres – 6
Montreal Canadiens- 6
Pittsburgh Penguins – 5
Vancouver Canucks – 7
San Jose Sharks – 4
Detroit Red Wings – 5
Anaheim Ducks – 6

So unlike Derrick, Tony sees the Habs pulling the upset, among a topsy-turvy East according to Tony.  Tony sees the West going according to seeding, at least in round one.
What do you see happening?  Think you can predict better than Tony, Derrick and meProve it by entering out pool.  Information on how to enter can be found HERE.


Thanks for reading and as always, comments are welcomed.

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