Let PK be PK!


It seems everybody in the NHL loves to pick on PK Subban. Whether it be for his agitating, his big mouth or his cockiness, PK can never please anybody. Flyers captain Mike Richards  publicly stated he would get his. Teammate Hal Gil admitted PK needed an attitude adjustment. Even the Montreal Canadiens coaching staff had to sit him down for a few games to bring him down a few notches.

But I ask, what is wrong with PK’s style of play?

The most common response is that he is a rookie  and has not yet earned the privilege to run his mouth or showboat after a goal. But I think that is ridiculous. When Sidney Crosby and Alex Ovenhkin  entered the league, both players endeared themselves to fans with their youthful excitement after a goal. Ovechkin was known for his famous jump into the boards after a goal like he was celebrating with the crowd. Ovie’s jump into the boards made the fans go even crazier after a goal and gave Ovie rock-star status.

PK got into trouble earlier in the year when he celebrated a little too much after scoring the game winner in overtime against Calgary. And in his last game, where PK once again won the game in overtime with his goal that clinched a playoff spot for Montreal, he was again criticized for his celebration.

Check out the video of his lastest goal celebration against Chicago.

And here is the earlier game in Calgary where he first got in trouble.

What is wrong with these celebrations? Both times PK won the game in overtime which I would say warranted his response. It’s not like the score was out of hand and PK was showboating in a blowout.

Are we trying to snuff out any personality in the game? I personally love when players show a little bit of themselves during a game. Look at Jarkko Ruutu– mild manner librarian during the day, super pest on the ice. Ruutu loved to get under the skin of players and we loved him for his antics.

Take a look at Patrick Kane after he scored a big goal against the Canucks in last year’s playoffs. He knew he just put the dagger in the heart of the Canucks, and his ‘I’d just teared open your chest and punched your heart’ gesture was awesome and showed how he just ended the Canucks playoff run.

What I think PK has to do is keep being PK. People will always criticize him no matter what he does. PK is an emerging star in the league and we should not restrict him or his big personality. We all loved PK when he played for Team Canada in the World Juniors. He was the same player then as he is now. I say, just sit back and enjoy the show.

Check out this video on the evolution of goal celebrations. It sums up my point- a la video form.


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