Editorial Staff

SenShot continues to bring you the most Senators news, stories and analysis; and today, we add to our team of writers. Please give a warm SenShot welcome to our newest staff writer, Derrick Brose.

Here’s a few words from Derrick:


Greetings and salutations, fellow Sens fans. 

My name is Derrick Brose and I am proud to be a member of the SenShot team.  

Joining SenShot and writing about the Ottawa Senators seemed like the natural progression of fandom for me. Like many of you, I’ve been to meaningful games, I’ve witnessed the glowing achievements and demoralizing failures, I’ve cheered an “ALFIE” cheer, and I’ve listened to a thousand post-game shows on the Team 1200. But being a full-time hockey fan is so much more; there are trades, hot streaks, undisclosed injuries, prospects, draft lotteries, news and notes – all of which cannot be discussed or analyzed by themselves.

Here at SenShot, I hope to bring my unique experiences to the fold while I try to prove that my fancy Mass Communications degree was not a complete waste of money. I will strive to bring competent hockey knowledge and examine pertinent storylines, but NEVER park my passion for Canada’s capital team at the door. This will all be attempted from my new home in Windsor, Ontario, away from the fishbowl in Ottawa and in the heart of Red Wing (and Maple Leaf) territory.  Without a doubt, this geographical reality will lend itself to my unique perspective.

Above all else, I hope that readers of my blog will feel free to comment and engage in discussion about the topics at hand. Your opinion is never a bad thing (if it is, be prepared to defend it. haha!). Debate amongst other fans and throwing ideas out there are what makes blogging more grassroots and separate it from the mainstream, sports media outfit.

I look forward to following the Senators through their rebuild here at SenShot, and hope that my contribution is enjoyed by all (or at least some of you)!

You can contact Derrick at senshot.derrick@gmail.com and follow him on Twitter at @DerrickvonBrose.