This is the first of a bi-weekly segment entitled POINT-COUNTERPOINT: a SenShot Deba..."/> This is the first of a bi-weekly segment entitled POINT-COUNTERPOINT: a SenShot Deba..."/>



This is the first of a bi-weekly segment entitled POINT-COUNTERPOINT: a SenShot Debate, where two writers from SENSHOT will take an issue affecting the Senators and debate it by each one taking a different side.  It will then be put to you, the readers, to decide between them, and cast your vote about who is right.


Since the destruction and rebuild of the Senators began, the key beneficiary of the increased ice time available to him has been Ryan Shannon.  Prior to the trade deadline, nobody would have suggested that the Senators should bring him back next season.  However his play down the stretch has earned him  praise and a second look from fans and management alike for future Senators employment.

I am of the opinion that come April 11th, the Ottawa Senators should thank Shannon for his service, but let him know he will not be offered a contract for next season.

Shannon has put up career highs this season, with 10 goals and 13 assists for 23 points.  He has 6-7-13 in his last 22 games, since he has been playing about 17 or 18 minutes per game.


Shannon was the beneficiary of being in Cory Clouston’s good books from their time together in Binghamton of the AHL.  I don’t think he would be given the same opportunities from another coach.  He had his best success when the season was over for all intents and purposes, both in 2008-09 and 2010-11.


When healthy, the Senators will have Spezza, Regin, Smith & Winchester down the middle.  Say what you will about Regin’s disastrous season, he put up 17 points in just his second full season, after a rookie season of 29 points.   I would still rather have Regin’s size up the middle, playing with a guy like Alfredsson for a season to properly gauge his development.  He has more upside than Shannon, and has already put up a  more productive season than Shannon ever has.  When Shannon played the wing, he was not as effective as when he was moved to the middle.  Especially since the addition of Stephane Da Costa, there may be no room for Shannon, who is an older, smaller version of what I envision Da Coast to be in the coming seasons.

Without signing any free agents or including new draft picks, the Senators depth chart at forward might look like:

Butler – Spezza – Michalek

Alfredsson – Regin – Da Costa

Foligno – Smith – Neil

Condra – Winchester – Greening

Add in the top-6 free agent signing the Murray claims they will make (Simon Gagne?), and perhaps a top level draft pick, and one or two of these listed players (Greening, & Condra?) will be shuffled out of the lineup, and others moved down.

You could conceivably substitue Shannon with any of the fourth liners on my depth chart, but I never liked him in a 4th line role.  I don’t see Shannon getting as much power play time as he did this season for a new coach, and he has scored 7 of his 23 points with the man advantage.

Shannon might come in with a lower salary than some other players, but at 28, what you see is what you get.  It is time for him to move along and allow more of the prospects to get a fair shot during the rebuild.