Do You Believe In Karma?


As the Ottawa Senators coast towards the finish line of their worst season since 1995-96, fans are looking ahead to June 24th when the NHL draft will begin.

Where the Senators will pick is still up in the air, and won’t be determined until just after the season closes.  Right now, the Senators sit in 28th place, ahead of only Edmonton and Colorado.  They are within 2 points of, and could very easily pass, both the Islanders and Panthers.  Assuming the worst (depending on your point of view), they could finish the season in as high as 26th spot.  That position gives them an 8.1% chance of getting the first overall pick, and it means that they cannot pick worse than 6th.  One team wins the lottery, but cannot move up more than 4 spots, and therefore teams can only drop one place.


In 1992-93, the Ottawa Senators were accused of  “tanking” the latter part of the season to secure the first overall pick, which consensus dictated to be QMJHL whiz-kid Alexandre Daigle (pictured above).  Daigle was famous for many things, probably the least of which was hockey.  On draft day, stating the importance of being the first pick, was quoted saying “I’m glad I got drafted first, because no one remembers number two”.  Number two to Alex Daigle that season – future Hall of Famer Chris Pronger.  Daigle’s lack of success was Karma’s way of kicking the Senators in the crotch for allegedly “tanking” the 1992-93 season.

Fast forward to the 1995 Entry Draft, and Ottawa again had the first overall pick, which they used to select defenseman Bryan Berard.  Berard made it apparent that he didn’t want to play in Ottawa and eventually was dealt for Wade Redden (in a multi-player deal) in January 1996.  Karma reared its ugly head again as Berard went on to win the Rookie of the Year award the next season with the Islanders.

It is time for Karma to give the Senators a break by rewarding them for competing hard for the last 20 games, instead of laying down and increasing the odds for securing the #1 pick, and the opportunity to choose the player they want.

Come On Hockey Gods,  Karma has kicked the Senators in the pants enough, it is time for some good payback!


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