Sunday Morning Coffee



For those lazy Sunday’s where you want to just surf the interweb and get caught up on all the things you missed during your busy everyday life, SenShot brings to you Sunday Morning Coffee for your one stop round up of all the happenings during the week.

In Jared’s latest edition of “In the GM’s Chair: What Would Jared Do?”, he takes a shot at solving the discipline issue that is affecting the NHL currently. 

With his struggles of late, Jared wonders how crucial Craig Anderson’s next start will be for his future Ottawa.

With Head Shots and Concussions being the major issue at this week’s past GM Meetings, Tony wonders if Sidney Crosby can be the leader to make the necessary changes in the game to make it safer to play. 

If you’re in the mood for a laugh, check out Jared’s rendition of NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman’s response to sponsors.

Silversevensens takes a look at Craig Anderson’s play in Ottawa and tries to determine how much he is worth to Ottawa.

The Ottawa Senators interviews Jared Cowen on his last season of junior and his future plans on Ottawa’s blueline.

SensTown gives a eulogy for the Sens 3rd jersey as they will no longer be worn by the Sens.

The Cory Clouston Fashion Review is excited about the numbers young stud defenceman Jared Cowen has posted in his final junior year.

The 6th Sens takes a look at all the love Ryan Shannon and Curtis McElhinney are receiving for their stellar play of late.

The Hockey News took a road trip to an AHL game to visit ex-Sen/Ranger/NHLer Wade Redden and spoke to him about his season so far in the AHL and his future career plans. Great video interview with Wade.

TSN reports that apparently Air Canada is pleased with the new direction the NHL has taken to combat head shots and concussions.

And lastly, TSN Fantasy Expert Scott Cullen writes a piece on ‘How Does One Become a Fantasy Expert?‘. It’s a great piece for anyone who wants to get into the biz.

That’s your news for the week. Check back here at SenShot everyday Sunday for a recap of the week’s happenings.


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