Calgary Flames and the Calgary Flames and the

Some Heritage Classic Thoughts…


The Heritage Classic between the host Calgary Flames and the Montreal Canadiens was played Sunday at McMahon Stadium in Calgary.  I’m not going to do a normal recap, but will offer a few random thoughts on the evening, and in no particular order.

  • I remember playing outdoors, but our games were never full contact.  Getting hit with a puck or elbow at -20…OUCH!
  • Rene Bourque is probably wishing the whole season was played outdoors.  What a game for him!
  • Carey Price’s mask makes him look like he has 4 eyes…very hypnotizing
  • This game should be played as part of Hockey Day in Canada, not on Hockey Day in America.  I guess CBC needs another gimmick to market on a different day.
  • The Flames – jerseys = WIN, the white/grey pants = EPIC FAIL.
  • Don Cherry with a sponsor logo on his cowboy hat = Sellout.
  • Where are the dancers with boxes on their heads during the intermission?
  • They should do what we did as kids when there was bad ice…just put a pylon over it!
  • Does the wind really make that much of a difference? It looked like the ice was tilted.
  • Who is Metric?
  • I was at a Grey Cup in Winnipeg a few years ago…it was at least as cold as this (as I sit in my living room).
  • Jarome Iginla putting on earmuffs before the game should lower my opinion of him as a tough guy, but then again he is Jarome Iginla, so he gets a pass.  I would do the same for Alfie!
  • They should have made the ice full field size and just played 20 on 20!  Then they wouldn’t need heaters on the benches
  • The Rideau Canal should host this game…maybe you wouldn’t get as many fans but the atmosphere would be incredible.  And Ottawa might only have 1,000 or so fans next year anyways.
  • I miss Jose Theodore’s toque!
  • The players should have been shoveling the ice during intermissions, for authenticity purposes.
  • The guy who’s job I don’t envy….the backup goaltender

Oh yeah, the Flames won 4-0.  As if that really mattered.  The Flames move from 9th to 6th in the tight Western Conference.


Thanks for reading and as always, comments are welcomed.

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