Jared’s Take – The Jarkko Ruutu Trade


The trading of Jarkko Ruutu is nothing more than a salary dump. Jarkko is in the last year of his contract, and likely not going to resign in Ottawa.  Essentially this trade is made to save about $120,000 of cap space.

A sixth round pick in a seven round draft isn’t much return, and I can imagine that the cost of transportation to and from Binghamton for the player(s) replacing him will cut into the savings. For the big picture of the Ottawa Senators, I don’t like this trade, but I will expand on the reasons for this in my “In the GM seat” post tomorrow morning, which will focus on the organizational structure going forward.

Ruutu will be a positive addition to the fourth line in Anaheim and the Western teams haven’t seen his aggravating “cat that got the canary” grin on a regular basis in some time!

Chalk this one up as a win for the Ducks.