Jared’s Take – The Mike Fisher Trade


As reported earlier, Senators GM Bryan Murray started the rebuild Thursday when he completed a trade with the Nashville Predators which sees Mike Fisher moved to Nashville in exchange for a first round pick and a conditional 3rd round pick.

Here is my take on the trade:

Mike Fisher is being paid as a 2nd line centre, but his production doesn’t (and hasn’t) warrant it.  The $4.2 million of cap space hit he was taking up could better be spent elsewhere, perhaps on a #1 goaltender or a certified top-6 forward.  If he was playing as a 3rd line centre, he would be the best 3rd line centre in the league, but he hasn’t had that role for years.

Nashville gains a hard-working player who excels defensively and will chip in the odd goal, but is a 20-goal player at best.  He does fill a hole, as the Predators are relatively weak up the middle, but he will be counted on to be a top two guy, if not #1, there.

Fisher became a fan favorite in Ottawa because of his work ethic (and with the famale fans for his good looks), and the outrage over this trade is already all over Twitter, Facebook etc.  This has the makings of a PR nightmare, but nobody ever said the rebuild would be easy or popular.

Moving a contract without having to take money back is actually a coup for Bryan Murray, and although he will be vilified for making the deal by many in the public, it is one that had to be done.

The 1st rd pick will be a middle of the round selection and leaves Ottawa with 2 1st rd picks.  If they can swing this pick for a higher pick in another trade, then they could conceivably end up with 2 top-10 or maybe even top-5 selections this summer.

I wish Fisher all the best in his new home, and hope he excels in his new surroundings.

I think this deal is win-win for both teams involved.

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