“The Senator”


As part of the NHL All-Star festivities, Stan Lee created superheros for every NHL team as part of the Guardian Project. Your Ottawa Senators’ superhero has been revealed and he is here to save the season and help the Senators make the playoffs (or at least win a few games between now and April). Here is the bio of “THE SENATOR

"The Senator is a descendant of the Roman God Jupiter (the God of Thunder), who is the father of Mars, who in turn, is the father of Romulus and Remus (the legendary founders of Rome). The Senator loves action and could never subject himself to a life without risk.As a young man he sold himself into slavery in order to join the ranks of the gladiators.  He became the most feared gladiator of the Roman Empire and his bravery is what allowed him to become a Centurion and later a member of the Senate.  His skills as a leader were unequalled and the Roman people often referred to him as THE Senator, even though he was obviously one of many, and is the reason for the Guardian name he takes today. He has managed to keep himself alive for over 2,000 years making him the oldest of the Guardians."

Check out this video of “The Senator” and learn what superpowers he holds. 

I did some more research into the interesting family history of “The Senator” and found some intriguing family ties. Apparently, along with his Roman descent, “The Senator” also has a little bit of Swedish blood in him. It appears “The Senator” is a descendant of the ancient Swedish God of  Pluto (the God of Ice). This bloodline provides great vision and agility and a strong drive to lead. Another descendant of this bloodline is the longest serving captain in the NHL and of your Ottawa Senators, Daniel Alfredsson.

Another descendant of the Swedish God of Pluto is “The Spartan” who was last seen in 2008. Known for his strength, leadership and ability to motivate millions, “The Spartan” had a way with words as he inspired all who heard him. Here is the rare footage of his last public sighting.