Welcome to the Team


Hello, my name is Jared Crozier, and I am pleased to be the newest member of the Senshot writing team. I am an avid hockey person, and have played, coached, refereed and watched the greatest game on Earth at various levels for the past 30 years.  I also come from a different direction than many people, in that I also enjoy talking about the business side of the game and have a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Sports Administration.

I look forward to bringing some insights and different opinions to the Senshot website.  Whether you agree with my opinion or not, that is fair.  If there is an issue you want to have a discussion about, I am more than willing to debate any issue under the NHL sky.  I appreciate comments about my writing, so feel free to leave them, so I know people are reading.  I am not an “insider” or an “expert”, nor do I profess to be.   So I will not be debating Andy Sutton any time soon.   I am simply a knowledgeable fan who enjoys sharing his opinions.  I pride myself on being open-minded and able to see both sides of an issue before forming an opinion, and not being a “cheerleader”.  I vow to call it like I see it.

I sincerely hope you enjoy the read!

You can contact Jared at senshot.jared@gmail.com or follow him on Twitter at @alfieisgod.