Your Ottawa Senators play..."/>

Your Ottawa Senators play..."/>

Game Report: B’s Destroy Sens 6-0


Your Ottawa Senators played the Boston Bruins tonight in a Northeast division battle. What ended up happening was a whopping by the Bruins as the Sens had no answers on how to stop them. The score ended up being 6-0, but it could have been worse. This loss is the sixth in a row as the Sens have not won since Jason Spezza when down with an injury on boxing day. There were no positives from this game as Ottawa was embarrassed on all fronts.

 There was a good tilt between Matt Carkner and Shawn Thornton. I give the decision to Carkner. If you want to see the gong show, here are the Game Highlights courtesy of

What will be the fallout from this embarrassing loss is anyone’s guess. ‘Til next time, GO SENS GO!!!!!

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