Giggles and his Musketeers: Who Will Be on Jason Spezza’s Line?


For exactly 5 whole years now, Jason Spezza has been the top pivot in the fulcrum of the Ottawa Senators’ offense. He’s the man on the moon, the guy to lead us to the promised land, the dude to win the hardware. But I’ve always believed that a true centre piece of a franchise must have people around him to win Lord Stanley.

Look at Wayne Gretzky. He was able to win the Cup 4 times in his career, all with Edmonton because he played such likes as Glenn Anderson, Jarri Kurri, Kevin Lowe, and Craig MacTavish. He was built from those players. When he moved onto Los Angeles, St. Louis, and even New York, he never won the Cup because he didn’t have the right supporting cast.

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Giggles has been played with Daniel Alfredsson on the wing for most of his career. When Jason was walking the plank, El Capitano saved him. It’s why I think in order to develop Spez, we need to take Alfie off his line. Support him with fast, young, skilled players and let Jason construct his own plays. I can see Spezza becoming a captain on this team, but he needs to learn on himself.

Even though this may sound weird, I think possibly the birth of his newborn baby could make him into a much better hockey player. You see, and take this from me, a father of two, when you become a dad, you finally see a responsibility and a meaning of your life. If Jason can trasnalte that on the ice, he can improve from his strides last season and take them the next step.

Peter Regin was a different man with Giggles on his line. Keep him there and see what comes between them. You also have to remember what a wrekcing force Milan Michalek and Spezza were at the start of the season. Milky’s the last piece remaining from the disaster known as the Dany Heatley deal, therefore you have to utilize his potential as possibly. Although, I worry of that wonky knee of his.

Great Dane has skill and cannon of a shot. Milky has speed and pugnacity (stealing a page out of Brian Burke’s book). If Jason can open space for the two, I see the three musketeers becoming one of the fastest and most skillful lines in the league. And hey, at what cost will it come? Daniel Alfredsson will drop to the second line with Mike Fisher and Alex Kovalev, all who were together last season at some point. Having someone’s leadership such as Alfie gives that line something to be desired of.

I’m going to make a prediction here that I may regret as fast as the middle of the upcoming season. Jason Spezza finally breaks the 100-point mark.

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