The Writer’s Block: Chris Wins the Day


In a report published late April by Maclean’s Magazine, the most common baby name for a boy is “Alex” or “Alexander”. If you look way down the list, 16th to be exact, the name “Chris” appears. Cool name, eh? Well, according to Bryan Murray, Cory Clouston, and everyone part of the management team, Chris is the coolest name ever.

The most popular name among all National Hockey league players is in fact the name Chris. 16% of players occupy by that name. The team with the most Chris’ on it’s active roster? Your very own Ottawa Senators. If you count in Chris Campoli, we have 4 by the name of Chris on the team (Campoli, Phillips, Kelly, Neil).

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So, in order to preserve that dubious acknowledgement, I believe we should hunt down some more players called Chris. When looking at the current free agent list, there are a couple of players we should try acquiring. Chris Stewart, a young, promising forward with the Colorado Avalanche looking for a contract boost. Can be done with Murray’s tactics, right? There’s Chris Chelios, the 48-year old trooper who would be an immense addition to the blue-line. In fact, if he played on a pairing with Erik Karlsson, it would mean Karlsso nwas born 6 years after Chelios made his NHL debut.

Chris Bourqueis another feisty name on the market. The RFA has bounced around Pittsburgh and Washington for quite some time, so why not bring him over here and channel his inner Raymond, except up front. Chris Lee is a Stanley Cup-winner, so why not bring his “experience” over to Canada’s Capital and pair him up with Matt Carkner, two journeymen ready to make an impact!

I mean, who needs a Peter, or a Milan, or an Alex, or even a Sergei? All ‘dem Europeans can go find hostage in New York, right? Bring some Canadian Chris’, and prove that your record is not a fluke. Do it Murray, do it!