The Writer’s Block: Rookies and Televisions


When a newcomer comes to the town of Ottawa for the sole purpose of playing hockey, they don’t know what to expect. Grand town, small city, Ottawa’s known as the Capital City of Canada and that’s it. So when you’re lost in a new city, you can always find comfort on your television set, where you’ll actually learn some English and have a laugh at the same time.

This is the situation both Peter Regin and Erik Karlsson were caught in last season. Regin had never played in North America besides the lovely city of Binghamton, New York, and this was the first time Erik Karlsson step foot on North American ice. So when both came and paid their dues in Ottawa, they got caught in the TV Frenzy known as Two and a Half Men.

If you don’t watch the show, it’s about some lucky-ass guy named Charlie who seems to have an eternal liver, his brother Alan, the polar opposite of his older brother and a divorcee, and Jake, Alan’s son, a bum who seems to get all the girls he wants.

But enough with the TV lesson. What do Regin and Karlsson have to do with this? In an interview late last season, both were asked what their favourite television series was? Here’s Peter’s response:

"“My favourite series has to be…Two and a Half Men. I never miss that show and it is the funniest one I have ever seen. I watched before I came to Ottawa in Denmark, but it’s different with the translations and all”"

Hmmmmm… here’s what Special K had to say:

"“I have to go with Peter [Regin] there. I like watching that show and always want to meet on of the characters. The kid is so funny and well…the whole thing is pretty cool.”"

It’s great to see these young guns actually having a life. It’s something that will cool them down later on in their careers when Bruce Garrioch starts shitting on them. Men’s a funny show, however, let’s hope they don’t develop into the main character, Charlie Sheen. We saw how his past year went.

In another development, recent Senators draftee Mark Stone set out his favourites in everything from team to shows. Here’s what his favourites are:

"Favourite TV show: Two and a Half MenFavourite Musical Group: NickelbackFavourite team is the Toronto Maple Leafs."

So when you turn on your television set later tonight, remember this: “What would Ottawa’s rookies do?”. And then, you have your decision on what to watch.

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