Spezza Speaks, and Speaks, and Speaks…


The last off-season saw the whole drama and turmoil of Dany Heatley and his trade request out of Ottawa. The curious thing was why Heatley came out of the shadow so late, in the mid-August when everyone didn’t give a frat about the situation, except for Ottawa Senators fans.

We’ve seen the same thing happened this off-season, where Jason Spezza may or may have not asked for a trade out of Bytown, and if this was all because of the meathead fans who come for the scraps that booed Jason Spezza off Scotiabank Place after Pascal Dupuis ended the Senators’ season. Spezza, as a real leader and mature team-mate, instead came out earlier and definitely, without any doubts, said the following today in a media scrum:

"“At no point did I ever demand a trade. I’ve seen a lot of what’s been written and talked about,” Spezza told a media scrum on Tuesday. “At the end of the year I was pretty emotional and upset. I was upset at us losing, and I was upset at a bit of the response I got.”"

That’s clear and cut to me. Giggles is determined to win in Ottawa, the city that he loves. Although he could be like Heatley and cry his way to the beaches of California, he wants to win the hard way, and give Ottawa something to cheer about. He’s a guy who will honour his contract, and will do anything to bring this team to glory.  Here’s another thing that really caught my eye:

"“For every boo that I get, I hear about 10 cheers. That’s good enough for me”"

The fact is, respected journalists from around the league are getting the notion that we, Sens fans, want Spezza out of town. It makes me sick. All those guys the Ottawa Sun interviews are just some schmoes from the bar who just want to see their name on a newspaper. The real knowledgeable Sens fan won’t even bother to read the Ottawa sun, and look at the facts. Spez had 7 points in 6 games at the playoffs, his turnover mistake to Sidney Crosby was a mistake, but learning from San Jose Sharks coach Todd McLellan, everyone makes mistakes. We’re human, and there’s no reason to boo another being because of it.

We saw how important Jason is to this organization after he returned from injury. He has a lethal shot, and even though he could use it more often, I’d rather see him on the offensive side of the puck, than the defensive.

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