Daily Shots: Costello Arrested, Foligno Signed?, and Seriously…


It’s been a busy today for the Ottawa Senators, and as I am hearing it’s only getting started. Finally, we have something to report than just sitting, drinking, and waiting for Bryan Murray to finally do something! You know, other than signing Derek Smith and what so…

First off, the biggest news of the day comes from the prospect ranks. Left Wing Jeff Costello of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish has been arrested due to consuming alcohol as a minor. Costello was arrested along with nine other Notre Dame players. This is the second time in two months the prestige college hockey program has been caught dis-obeying the law. Costello was drafted in the 5th round of the 2009 NHL Draft. The small yet skilled forward has played in the USHL for the past two years.

What this means is Jeff simply didn’t follow the rules. Now if this will change anything in Bryan Murray’s mind to sign this kid, I have no clue. You have to think it may, especially since Zack Kassian was caught with the same thing, and his contract was suspended by the team. However,  Murray never gives up on his prospects, so I doubt if this comes to something.

Just as I’m about to write on Nick Foligno’s status as a Restricted Free Agent, as I previously did with Peter Regin and Chris Campoli, I see on Sens Chirp that Nick Foligno has finally signed pen to paper, therefore agreeing to a contract with the Senators. Furby was the only RFA without arbitration rights, so this was easier to deal with for The Bryan and co. This should be announced today or tomorrow, and terms are unknown. My guess? 2 years, $2 million in total.

And to end off, a bit of non-Sens news, but somewhat related. Today, Ilya Kovalchuk finally dropped the donut and re-signed with the New Jersey Devils, in what’s believed to be a 17-year contract (!!!!!!) worth more than $100 million. Seriously, 17 fucking years? Lou Lamoriello, I always thought you were smart, but I guess I was wrong. And Simon Gagne traded to the Tampa Bay Lightning for Matt Walker and a fourth-round pick in 2011? Jeezus, seriously? Only Walker and some brain wash pick, the market must have been extremely low for Gagne, a 30-goal scorer when he’s not injured. Tampa’s offense is now wicked, playoff contender for sure.

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