SenShot Contest Post #8


After going on a bit of a hiatus the past few weeks due to the NHL Draft and Free Agency, the SenShot Summer Contest has returned, with three more posts to go before we announce our grand winner. The last post saw 9 returns, due to the long gap. 7 of them got the right answer (meaning it was way to easy), but the first one to get it got the win. The right answer was…


Daniel Karvecheck has won his third post in a row, meaning he is at the top of the leaderboard, which goes by:

Daniel Karvecheck- 3 posts
Bradley Bonsall- 1 post
Cam Mitchell- 1 post
Lewy Smith- 1 post

Here are the clues for Post #8. Can anybody stop Mr.Karvecheck? E-mail your answer to!

Clue #1: Axle?
Clue #2: New money on the way!
C;ue #3: 2 goals each, quattro quattro