Easton Hockey: The Finest


Above you can see all the different sticks of the brand most professional hockey players choose, Easton Hockey. Different sizes, different blades, all suitable to your conditions.

Personally, the Easton Grip Synergy is one that I often use when playing a game of shinny with my pals. It’s a got good grip, a nice, solid “twist” to it’s blade, and it feels comfortable to the hands. When you’re playing on the ice, the Synergy glides through quite easily and allows the motion of the player to go even quicker. You’ll also like the colours those sticks are, some threatening and some light to the eyes.

Easton Hockey recently signed Taylor Hall to a contract, and due to the fortunate chance I got to meet and interview the 1st overall pick himself (check out the interview here), this promotion was written on that fact. However, I feel that Easton provides the best sticks to suit your game, whatever it may be; indoors or outdoors.