Cheechoo Bought Out, Ends Meet


5 players were put on waivers today, each one of them failing under pressure in a bad season. One of them was Senator Jonathan Cheechoo, one of the pieces acquired in the Dany Heatley trade from San Jose. Ever since his Maurice Richard winning season, Cheech has never been the same. Injuries, whatever you call them. Ottawa was forced to tip their hand and take Cheechoo, and all season long he looked like he was stuck in mud.

The biggest factor in the buyout has to be Johnny Boy’s salary. He’s due to make #3.5 million next season, a price no team can afford wit his “skill set”. If Bryan Murray really wants to make a move during Free Agency, and with no team currenlty interested in trading for Cheech, the only way to clear at least two-thirds of his salary was a buyout.

It was a stinky season for Jonathan. Not even being paired with Jason Spezza could bring his goals total up. The fact of the matter is, when Cheechoo wasn’t around, the team did better. Even when he was given a shot in Game Four against the Pittsburgh Penguins, the Sens lost 7-4 and Cheechoo did squat. His 51-goal season was clearly an aberration, helped by the fact of Joe Thornton. If there is a chance for him to get back on his feet, he’ll likely need to impress in the KHL.

Back in Montreal, ready for Thursday!