On The Way to Los Angeles


As I write this, I am waiting at Denver International Airport for my next plabe to Los Angeles. Since I have been on my plane, quite a few things have transpired. If you think it involves Jason Spezza, pat yourself on the back.

Last night’s big rumor of Spezza heading to play for the Columbus Blue Jackets in exchange for Derrick Brassard, Kristian Huselius, and the 4th overall pick in the upcoming Draft, was simply nothing more than a rumor. Darren Dreger was really the one to stop the waters by stating Bryan Murray shot down this rumors as just a vigilante.

If one was to look at that possible trade, I think it will never happen. First, Derrick Brassard is the future for the Blue Jackets, you can’t let that go. While Kristian Huselius is on the market, the 4th pick shouldn’t be, because that’s where Columbus will finally solve it’s PP problems and likely pick Cam Fowler. From the Ottawa side, if they trade Jason Spezza, they’re doomed. Seriously. Although Spezza can hover off defensive inconsistencies, his offensive play this past season when he’s not injured and when he doesn’t have Dany Heatley waving his stick like a magician on the wing, Giggles is deadly. We saw him go all Maurice Richard on us when he came back from injury, and even though the idiot fans will only remember his turnover to Crosby in Game Four against the Pittsburgh Penguins, he registered 7 points, third in playoff scoring.

On a bit of another note, there were some rumors yesterday suggesting Bryan Murray may want to trade down in the First Round to get some picks later on in the Draft. While I think that may be the right choice in such an unpredictable draft, Murray isn’t that type of guy. As well, expect Anton Volchenkov’s negotiating rights to be dealt to the New York Rangers some time this week, as it seems like the Capitals have slowed their guns on Volchie and apparently Anton doesn’t want to play in the Western Conference, where Vancouver has shown interest.

Ah, here’s my plane! Can’t wait to step foot in L.A. for the first time in my life! Now, how can I find Bruce Garrioch on June 25th and do all Sens fans a favor by giving him another donut.