Daily Shots: Spezza Wouldn’t Object, Home Opener, Volchenkov’s Rights


As the media has been speculating for weeks now, Bryan Murray has come out and said that Jason Spezza would not object to any trade, which is a short and sweet way of saying that Jason Spezza has asked for a trade. It’s come down to this, and it’s not going to be pretty.

First, Bryan Murray made a huge mistake in this statement. First, he’s likely lost the trust of Giggles with coming out on this. Secondly, if he has any plans on trading Jason, than he just ruined what was already a platy market for the center. We here at SenShot have clearly stated that if Spezza were to be traded, I personally would go against Bryan Murray for the rest of the time hee is here in Ottawa. First, Heatley last off-season, which was an exception due to the #15 asking for a trade. Secondly, alienating Spezza, your No.1 centre, things that don’t grow off trees. And Thirdly, pretty much ignoring the real fan of the Ottawa Senators and instead listening to media meatheads likes Bruce Garrioch and Don Brennan.

We will never get fair return on Spezza. Otherwise, we should not even be considering trading him. Rebuilding in a Canadian City is a tough task,just watch Toronto. We have the pieces to be competitive, and it all starts at the top.

The NHL will release it’s regular season schedule tomorrow, earlier than any previous time, likely because Gary Bettman can’t wait to annoucne a Crosby vs. Ovechkin showdown ever Sunday on NBC. We know, however, that the Ottawa Senators will have their home opener on Friday, October 8th against the Buffalo Sabres. Nothing better than a good ol’ thrashing of Buffalo.

In the news conference Murray had today, he also mentioned than Anton Volchenkov will not be returning to the team, instead testign the free agent waters. The Bryan stated he is trying to trade his negotiating rights, as was with Hamhuis on the week-end. Personally, I’ve heard the team heavily interested in Volchie is the New York Rangers, and with reports suggesting the Capitals may actually not bid on the defenseman, the Rangers are a likely destination.

I will be arriving in Los Angeles tomorrow at 2:00 pm Eastern Time, for the NHL Entry Draft. Stay tuned to Too Many Men On The Site for Wednesday’s Mock Draft, and see who I picked for the Senators at 16.