The Buck Stops Here…


The official website for the NHL has released two new mock drafts, both very interesting ones. Both mocks are from NHL scouts, one out of the East and one out of the West. In order to get “the truth” from these scouts, granted anonymity. First off, both scouts said that the Edmonton Oilers should take Taylor Hall with the first overall pci. While I think in the end they will take Tyler Seguin because of their needs, Hall has “superstar” written all over him. If he lands in Boston, he should be extremely happy.

The scout from the Western Conference predicted that your very own Ottawa Senators would take Quinton Howden, a Left Wing out of the Moose Jaw Warriors. The kid isn’t in my Top Five Targets, but I wouldn’t be too surprised if he was Bryan Murray`s pick. But the guy is from the West, so what does he know about who the Senators will draft, right? Well, looking at the scout from the Eastern Conference, he predicted the Ottawa Senators would select…Ludvig Rensfeldt, LW out of Brynas Jr. in the Swedish Junior League. Wait a minute, Ludvig who? I would bet 100 bucks on the spot that not even Bob McKenzie knows who this guy is. He isn`t even in the Central Scouting Top 50. So, why does this particular scout believe that Ludvig Rensfeldt is worth the 16th overall pick?

So when the CSS doesn`t have him listed anywhere, you have to believe that this guy may be a sleeper. Here is what `The Scouting Report`says about Rensfeldt. He is ranked #47 on their list, by the way.

"Rensefeldt has been rising all season as the imposing Swede scored at a very impressive clip with Brynas. He has a very good shot and does a good job of using his size to shield the puck from opponents. Was among the top players at the Under 18s, and displayed his offensive prowess very well."

Personally, I wouldn`t draft guys who go un-noticed. They do go un-noticed for a reason. But you have to looks at Bryan Murray`s draft history, and see that really, Erik Karlsson never seemed as a potential pick at that time for the Senators. The Eastern Conference scout does say the organization (Sens) have had luck with Swedish players. They have, but realistically, Erik Karlsson and Daniel Alfredsson would have been picked if they were Slovenian. Ludvig is a strong, big player with good skill, but should they gamble with this pick?

Newdflash, everyone! Peter Regin is up for the NHL Goal Of The Year. Having already beaten Mike Richards in the first round, he now faces Captain Serious of Chicago. Vote, Sens fans, and bring Peter Regin into notcieability! For those who don`t know, here is the goal he is up for…