SenShot Contest Post #5 + Too Many Men On The Site


Post #4 in the Summer Contest here at SenShot has come and past, with a record of 6 people replying their choices. There were many variations, and for the first time, there was a three-way tie. The first person to reply though, got the victory. Anyways, the mystery Senator related to the last post was…


Congratulations to Bradley Bonsall for winning this post. The leaderboard as of now is:

Bradley Bonsall (1 win)
Cam Mitchell (1 win)
Lewy Smith (1 win)

Here are today’s clues…

Clue #1: My coming out game was against the future Cup Champs
Clue #2: A circle is so much better than a cube
Clue #3: ret ornkro

Please e-mail your answer to!

In FanSided Hockey News today, we now have a new NHL Main Page, called Too Many Men On The Site, in homage of the famous penalty only Don Cherry and Claude Julien (including Bruins fans) remember. I am part of the team and will be covering all six Canadian Teams, in the section called “North Of The Border”, every Thursday. So if I get a bit biased, please, it’s just the Laffs and Burkie.

I have also mentioned the mock Draft that should be coming up shortly. It will be posted on June 23rd and before, we will have Top 10 Prospect Profiles. I will be in L.A. for the Draft on the 21st-28th, hoping for blast in my first visit (and some Emerson Etem with me!).