SenShot Contest Post #4


To start off, sorry for not posting anything on Monday, I completely forgot and when I was able to get my hands on a computer it was too late. Anyways, we will still be continuing with our regular schedule.

On the last post, I was able to get 5 responses, a new record! Ironically, nobody got the right answer. I must admit it was pretty hard, but some answers were across the board. Two said Brian Lee, one said Jesse Winchester, one said Matt Carkner, and one said Jonathan Cheechoo. The right answer, however was…



CHRIS PHILLIPS!!!!!!!!!!!!


Here is today’s post, a bit easier but still at a medium level.


Clue #1: My AC name finished third in the Serie A

Clue #2: I’m a former PlayStation Rookie of the Year

Clue #3: At least I was fair value


Please e-mail your responses to!