Notice Anything New?


As you may have seen, SenShot has gone over a new design the past 72 hours. It’s the new deal here at FanSided, with almost every site being re-branded into this design, which IMO is sweet and slick. There are a lot of new features that come with this as well, some that may be needed in the future.

First, you have all your sections of the site on the top. On the top right-handed corner, you can visit SenShot’s twitter and follow us there live. You can also digg it and get us a good review on Facebook., all fired up by our major partner, YardBarker. One the bottom, you can see the last comments made and to give in your two cents, please click on them and go away! On the Blogroll, I am still working to fix that, so stay tuned. Next, you can see all the tweets from all FanSided NHL Bloggers. We also have a poll running, with Ilya Kovalchuk currently winning. And at the end, you can see all the post from the NHL sect of FanSided and YardBarker’s Network of the Ottawa Senators.

However, while I continue blabbering, none of this could be possible without Zach and Adam Best. They made this re-design possible and I must say it’s one of the best my eyes have seen. As SenShot approaches it’s one-year anniversary here at FanSided, many new things are coming up, such as the Mock Draft we’re running here, a new NHL main page, and FREE AGENCY! So stick with us, and you’ll find everything you want.