TSN: Anton Volchenkov a Capital?


While watching the early edition of SportsCentre, Darren Dreger reported in his amazing rumour innuendo that “The Washington Capitals are prepared to offer D Anton Volchenkov a lengthy contract worth $5 mil and plus”. When I heard Mr.Innuendo says this, I completely barfed on my new carpet. So pretty much I got burned two ways. Not only is Anton Volchenkov, the ANTON VOLCHENKOV leaving us to play with the modern-day chokers, but now I have to get buy a new carpet, for the 2nd time in a week.

Yes, Anton Volchenkov is a great defenseman. Yes, Anton Volchenkov is the ultimate Russian robot from the mold of Chuck Norris Chris Pronger. But how is he worth 5 mil and plus? That’s like saying Volchenkov is the best defenseman in the league. And unfortunately he’s not, he’s somewhere 6th-8th, and comes no where near the likes of Nicklas Lidstrom or Scott Niedermayer.

Volchie is a great shot blocker, and a future captain. But let’s face it, he will never become captain of the Capitals, unless Alex Ovechkin gets traded which will never happen. Anton scored 4 goals this season, his most. He has NEVER played a full season, and the rate he’s going, I can’t see him playing more than 65 games in his upcoming seasons.

It will truly be a sad day when Volchenkov leaves and visits Ottawa next season in a Washington jersey, but if TSN is right and he will make 5 mil a year in his new contract, than give me Zbynek Michalek any day.