RUMOR: Peter Regin close to signing?


Even though the most important free agents the Ottawa Senators have this season are Unrestricted, Bryan Murray is trying to pull of the switch-a-roo and work to get Restricted Free Agents on a contract. The most important one out of the Fab Three (Great Dane, Furby, Camper) is Peter Regin. Not only did “the best player to come out of Denmark” impress in his rookie season, but he was the best Senator on the ice in the playoffs against Pittsburgh. Regin’s over in Germany leading his home country, Denmark to an improbable run.

Regin’s agent, though is taking charge and leading up the negotiations with Sens’ management. Right now, I’m hearing both parties are going for the short-term contract, 3 years at the max. Murray may want to look at shortening the contract if he wants to see if Regin can perform up to his potential. A guy that The Great Dance really reminds me of is David Krejci of the Boston Bruins. Krejci was obviously given a pretty good raise last off-season, and was instrumental to any success the Bruins had this season. Did anybody else notice that when he went down and out, the team went along as well?

The question will obviously be the money. I think many people know The Bryan well to know he doesn’t like to overavalue his sophormores. Right now, I’m thinking 3 years, $3.6 million. If I’m wrong, it has to be cheaper,because as great as Peter is, he’s not worth more than that.