SenShot NHL Playoff Round Two Predictions


So there you have it, Ottawa is out while Canadian teams Vancouver and Montreal advance. Huge upset for the Habs who completely stymied Alexander Ovechkin and co. en route to victory. So I should give my apologies for predicting a Caps sweep. Watch out though, Pittsburgh actually are not chokers.

Eastern Conference

(4) Pittsburgh Penguins vs. (8) Montreal Canadiens
In one of the greatest upsets in NHL playoff history, Montreal was able to fend off the Washington Capitals, despite continued efforts by the zebras to change that. Pittsburgh beat Ottawa in 6 games, in a physically-brutal series. MA Fleury is still a bit shaky to me, while the Habs are on the top of their game. Watch the Canadiens to come out with a 2-0 series lead, but the Pens come back and win 4 straight wins.

Penguins in 6
Series MVP: Evgeni Malkin

(6) Boston Bruins vs. (7) Philadelphia Flyers
Two more upsets in the Eastern Conference, even though I did call a Boston series win. Philadelphia is riding on Brian Boucher and all-star Chris Pronger, who seems to always bring his foot to the table every second season. Boston has a very discliplined defense and their offense seemed to be fine. This is hard to call, but I’m going to go with the Boo Bears.

Bruins in 7
Series MVP: Patrice Bergeron

Western Conference

(1) San Jose Sharks vs. (5) Detroit Red Wings
I personally think this will be the most entertaining series of Round Two. Sure, Vancouver-Chicago has a budding rivalry but these two despise each other. Detroit has always found out a way to win against a higher-ranked Sharks team, but it seems to me that this edition of the San Jose Sharks is different. More depth up front, and less goaltending mistakes. I think they’ll give it all to Detroit, and…

Sharks in 5
Series MVP: Patrick Marleau

(2) Chicago Blackhawks vs. (3) Vancouver Canucks
Clearly this will be one heck of a series, and watch out for mean stuff right off the bat in Game One, as both coaches will try to make a message early and often. Antti Niemi looks fine after posting two shutouts in his first ever playoff series, even though he has a pretty good defense in front of him. Vancouver was able to pull the Kings aside and make me look like a fool. I still like the ability of the Sedin Twins to take over and keep sailing. Revenge is in order here folks. Sorry Jeff, but…

Canucks in 6
Series MVP: Daniel Sedin