Don’t Worry, Be Happy!


The casual Ottawa Senators fan (such as my wife!) likely spit at the TV after Pascal Dupuis scored in OT #1 to win the series against the foe, Ottawa Senators. But what they don’t get, is that this season went the best way it could have gone possible. Nobody thought we would make the playoffs. Nobody gave us a chance to even compete within the Northeast Division. But they did, and they almost won if they hadn’t been so darn incosistent this season. But they returned to the big ticket, and almost beat the Pittsburgh Penguins. That’s something to be proud of.

First, congratulations to the Pittsburgh Penguins and their fans for winning the series. They deserved. They have 2 of the 3 best hockey players in the world. You can’t beat that. I hope they go far, and repeat. I found out one thing during this series…Sidney Crosby is better than Alexander Ovechkin, no question.

Second, congrats to the Ottawa Senators. You made us proud, boys. You proved them all wrong. Likely the best mix of skill and grit I have ever seen, you guys used it to your fullest advantage. It’s why you made the playoffs. Even though a series loss always stings, we will be back next year, ready and armed. Experience gives you wins. And that will always be true.

One thing we will look forward to is the NHL Draft. The Senators will officially have the 18th overall pick in Los Angeles. I will be going there with a couple friends as usual, so it should be interesting. Not as deep as the previous two drafts, but some good kids up there. Look for Bryan Murray to get a power forward, as this team may be in need of some skill and a big body at the same time. A guy I keep hearing is Emerson Etem from the WHL, a guy Murray has seen before. Nick Bjugstad from Blaine High School is also a possibility.

And there is obviously the guy up in the picture. More on him later, stay tuned though.