The Carkinator Pulls It Off


During the scilinating overtime periods, it always seemed to me that this was Ottawa’s game to lose. Evgeni Malkin hit the post, but that was really Pittsburgh’s only good chance. All Ottawa for the 2 and a half overtimes, but no pucks in the back of the net. Then, the local hero in Winchester, Ontario, the guy who waited his whole life even trying to make an NHL team, scored a game-winning goal in Triple Overtime to froce another game…for the Ottawa Senators.

Despite all that, win or if the Sens would have lost, Pascal Leclaire was no do doubt the best player on the ice for the game. He’s the sole reason it even got that far, as Pazzy stepped up and shut down for the most part Pittsburgh’s big guns. Revenge feels good, doesn’t it. Now, we just have to find a way to shut Glenn Healy the hell up. The guy is no doubt has a sick love affair with Sidney Crosby. Other than him, CBC has been good for the Senators in the playoffs, even Leaf-Lover Bob Cole. Before Game 5, the intro song was amazing. I can’t quite find the name though.