Do or Die


Pascal Leclaire was supposed to be the saviour of the season. The guy to finally end the Senators’ goaltending woes. The guy to lead Ottawa back into glorified land. Thins started out well, but after getting hit by a puck on the bench, he had to leave the team for a month, and after that it all took a downwards spiral. Inconsistent, fool’s luck, whatever you can say, he lost his No.1 hot seat to Brian Elliott, who lead the Senators to a tear at the end of the season and to the playoffs after a brief 1-year absence. And everything that could have gone wrong for the playoff rookie goalie, did go wrong. Except Game 2, he didn’t play well. No, it’s Leclaire’s turn to return and extend the series. It’s unlikely Ottawa can come back and win this series, but get it back to Ottawa, please. For the team, for the fans, and for the sake of little Crosby hatin’.