This Series Is Not Over


 Despite what many people are saying, including Sens Army faithful, this series it still not finished. There is still a game to go for Ottawa to extend the series. Sure, they didn’t win both games in Bytown or they didn’t play very consistent, but if I know one thing or two about this team, it’s that the Ottawa Senators are very capable to defeating the Crosbys Penguins in Game Five.

Really what we should be knocking at is the fact that we should have never fallen into the Penguins’ hands. If we could have won a couple more games, we would be in a better position, facing either the Bruins or Devils, both teams that Ottawa has beaten before. The thing is that with Pittsburgh, they will burn you with their skill and grit. Ray Shero should be the Executive of the Year, with the job he has done there.

Brian Elliott has been hung out to dry this series. Game 1 was obviously nerves taking over even though he still got his first career playoff victory. Game 2 was a good game for him, even though Ottawa lost. Game 3 was not bad. The only questionable goal was Ponikarovsky’s but you could also say where the hell was Andy Sutton on that play. Ells should be in nets tomorrow, being with all that and also being Clouston’s fav.

Don’t get me started on the reffing. Last night was a bit better, but Game 3 was by far the worst officiated game I have ever seen in my dear eyes. If the NHL favors Pittsburgh, they should come out and just say it, even though it sounds ridiculous. Using the zebras as depoloys really changes the game it destroys the confidence of a team, such as Ottawa last night after two atrocious non-calls resulted in two goals for the Pens. It’s bad for both Ottawa and Montreal, who had to draw the best teams in the East.

I think Pittsburgh has wrapped up this series, but for some reason I don’t think it will end tomorrow night. Too much pressure=failed opportunity. Just ask the member of the 2006 Edmonton Oilers.