Hey Experts, Eat Shit


Before the game, CBC analyst Elliotte Friedman talked about his talk with Sens captain and recent 1000 game participant Daniel Alfredsson before the game. According to Elliotte, Alfie said “We’ve got a good mix here, and I’m coming out at practice working hard to serve as role model for the younger guys, those who haven’t played a playoff game”. Once I heard that, I knew this team was taking Game 1. They knew what they needed to do, all starting from the top of clipboard.

The team has fought through adversity all season long. Before the playoffs started, around 95% of people said Pittsburgh would be the victor. Around half of that said it would be a sweep. It shows how they don’t have a clue about what’s going on. I’ll point at Lyle Richardson or “Spector” of Fox Sports. He said on his column that the Senators are one-line team. Excuse me, but is this 2008? No, it isn’t. The fulcrum, Dany Heatley is gone meaning more depth was added in the off-season and the Trade Deadline, add up that around 65 % of the Senators’ goals have been scored by the bottom 3 lines, and voila, WE ARE NOT A ONE LINE TEAM!!!

Player of the Game Last Night, Chris Neil.

On To Friday!!!