Official SenShot Playoff Preview


First off, let’s start with the other series’ in short, well-stated sentences.


(1) Washington vs. (8) Montreal
Caps big, Habs small. That is all.

Caps in 4
Series MVP: Alexander Ovechkin

(2) New Jersey vs. (7) Philadelphia
I know, I know, Brian Boucher does know how to turn it on in a Flyers uniform. But New Jersey is my pick for the Cup, and I think Ilya Kovalchuk will finally win his first playoff game.

Devils in 6
Series MVP: Ilya Kovalchuk

(3) Buffalo vs. (6) Boston
Upset special! Buffalo has a couple of D-Men who have never played a playoff game and their offense is still a bit questionable. Boston finally steps up and heads on. Tuukka Rask steals this one, fellas.

Bruins in 6
Series MVP: Tuukka Rask


(1) San Jose vs. (8) Colorado
San Jose sheds the choker label in the first round against an injury-plagued Avs team, but they will be out in a matter of weeks. Let us say, the Second Round.

Sharks in 5
Series MVP: Dan Boyle

(2) Chicago vs. (7) Nashville
The Hawks will get bored to death by Nashville, but Jack Adams candidate Barry Trotz never seems to pan out in the big dance.

Hawks in 6
Series MVP: Marian Hossa

(3) Vancouver vs. (6) Los Angeles
Vancouver has the experience, Hollywood does not. Luongo is tired after leading a nation for 3 weeks, and Quick is Quick. Get me another 3-6 upset!

Kings in 7
Series MVP: Jonathan Quick

(4) Phoenix vs. (5) Detroit
The Wings continue their hot streak by steam-rolling through the Desert. Touger series than last season, but they still will move on.

Red Wings in 6
Series MVP: Johan Franzen

And to the only series verybody cares about, and one that will amaze everyone…

(4) Pittsburgh vs. (5) Ottawa
The two has a storied playoff rivalry against each other. The Sens won when Sidney Crosby was still The Kid, and the next year the Pens faced puberty and swept Ottawa. This time, it will not be as close. Pittsburgh obviously has the advantage up front, where Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin lead a group that can blow your mind away. Their third line produced more than the Edmonton Oilers (if there was one) first line this season. Obviously Cory Clouston and his master defense will have strategically take them out of the series early and quickly, but it is harder to do than say. Ottawa has the slight edge on D, where Pittsburgh has scord more point intact from Sergei Gonchar but Ottawa has the better shutdown pair to face Crosby and Malkin. Goaltending goes to the Pens since Fleury actually has seen the post season before and he does have a Cup. Overall, it will come down to who wants it more. Tough, it will be, but also entertaining as hell.

Penguins in 7
Series MVP: Jordan Staal