The Top 11 Moments of The Career of #11…So Far


The NHL’s current longest serving captain went to the quad group two fortnights ago in Sunrise, Florida, where he played his 1000th game in a convincing 5-2 win for his team, the Ottawa Senators. Alfredsson has been the captain of Bytown’s Team since October 2nd, 1999, and hasn’t given it up yet. He always thought of his team, his city, and his teammates before himself. He leads by example, and whenver Ottawa is in a slump of sorts, he’s the guy working his ass off. This is why the city of Ottawa is making Saturday, “Daniel Alfredsson Day”, when he comes to Scotiabank Place, his home, facing the team he has slaughtered over the years, and in front of the 19,000 strong who will always cheer him on. Here are his best 11 moments, as if that were enough, he has had many great moments when wearing the red, black, white, and gold.

11. First Ever NHL Goal

On October 13th, 1995, Daniel Alfredsson made his debut game on the road, and he scored as well for his first in a line of many. It’s a bit weird how Alfredsson scored his first goal in Miami, and played his 1000th game in Sunrise. Whatever goes around, comes around.

10. First Ever Shootout Goal in NHL History

The NHL spent the 2004-2005 season locking the league up and breaking fans’ hearts. Next Year, new rules come in along with the new CBA, including a new way to end games, the all-elusive shootout. The first game to have a shootout was surprisingly the Senators and their rivals down the 401, the Toronto Maple Leafs. El Capitano scored 2 goals to send it to the SO, where Alfie got the first shot, and eventually put one past Ed Belfour. History made, courtesy of Daniel Alfredsson.

9. Senators Win Their First Playoff Game, Courtesy of Alfie

Alfredsson and the Sens

On April 19th, 1997, The Ottawa Senators were playing their first-ever playoff series against the Buffalo Sabres. Buffalo won the first game, 5-3. Ottawa won the second game, 3-1, and Daniel Alfredsson scored the insurance goal and 2 assists to lead Ottawa into victory for the first time in the second season.

8. Daniel Alfredsson Wins The Calder Trophy

After an amazing season for Alfredsson in his freshman campaign in 1995-1996, Alfie lead the league in rookie scoring, and won the Calder Trophy. It was the first NHL Award won by any Ottawa Senators player, a milestone hit of course by the future captain.

7. Senators win 11-5, Alfie drops 5

11-5 Sens

On Novemeber 13th, 2001, the Ottawa Senators won their highest-scoring game in franchise history, 11-5 over the Washington Capitals. Captain Alfredsson scored 3 goals and 2 assists to get his first game where he has scored more than 4 points. Shows how important Alfredsson is to the team’s success.

6. Daniel Alfredsson and Team Sweden win the gold medal

After surprising some and making the gold-medal game in Turin 2006, Team Sweden defeated their arch-rivals Team Finland 2-1 on a go-ahead goal by Daniel Alfredsson. It was Sweden’s first gold in the Winter Olympics since NHL players were allowed to play, with assistant captain Alfredsson playing the pivotal role.

5. Mocking Mats Sundin

Daniel Alfredsson and Mats Sundin are best friends. Even though they played against each other often in rival colours, the two have a great friendship. So when Mats Sundin threw a stick in the crowd during a Maple Leafs game and got a suspension for it, Alfredsson poked a little fun the next game, faking he thre the stick. See, Captains are funny. Especially Swedish ones!

4. Daniel Alfredsson vs. Doug Gilmour

Alfredsson vs. Gilmour

In The Captain’s first ever NHL fight, Alfredsson faced off against the Canadiens’ Doug Gilmour, and beat him too. He registered the Gordie How Hat Trick in that game too, and too boot againstthe rivals across the bridge. The Sens won 4-2 that game.

3. The Hit, Than the Goal

Decking Darcy Tucker

Let’s face it, back than, the Sens and Leafs hated each other to no return. Many Leaf fans weren’t fond of Daniel Kick-Ass, but he angered them the most where he cleanly hit pest and Daytime Soap Opera actor Darcy Tucker into the boards, and than proceeded to score the game-winning goal in the playoffs. Classic.

2.  The Number 7

7 point-game for Alfie

Daniel Alfredsson and the Ottawa Senators played their last game before the All-Star Break on Janurary 25th, 2008, where Daniel Alfredsson scored 7 points (3 goals, 4 assists) in an 8-4 win for Ottawa. Not only was he on the ice for all but one of Ottawa’s goals, after the 7-point night, he was in 1st place for points in the NHL before the Break, which is a huge thing to accomplish.

1. Send ‘Em Out


There are no words to describe that moment in Senators’ history. Thank you, Daniel.