The Story of Brian vs. Brian: Flyers @ Sens Preview


Tonight, two backup goalies turned immediate starters will have the spotlight tonight, as Ottawa takes their incredible home record and hosts the 6th-place Philadelphia Flyers in a game of epic proportions (sound familiar?). The question however, is which goalie will steal the spotlight?

Brian Boucher is the starter because his predecessors have been fighting the injury bug. While ex-Sen convict goalie Ray Emery is done for the season with a possibly career-threatening injury, Michael Leighton was doing pretty good in his absence. Too bad his knee popped and he had to take a leave of absence for the season remaining. So come in Brian Boucher, who you may remember led the Flyers to the conference finals before losing to the New Jersey Devils on a sort of cinderella run. Brian Elliott was won the starting job in Bytown, and will likely be getting all 9 starts left for him in the regular season. The lineup will stay the same from last night for Ottawa, while Philly will have to cope with losing their leading scorer, Jeff Carter.

This will be another low-scoring game. I think 4 goals will be the total scored, and it will depend on which goalie saves the day. If Ottawa wins once again, being 4 points ahead of both PHI and MTL would be a big boost. The next games after this one are against Buffalo and Florida on another back-to-back. Both could be wins.

As the “Go Fans” VISA commerical says, “There are fans…and then there are hockey fans”. (Insert Morgan Freeman chuckle here)