What the Ottawa Senators Need To Do


Daniel Alfredsson and the Ottawa Senators are on a 5-game losing slump. Good thing they won their last 14 of 16 before the Olympic Break, because if they didn’t, going to the playoffs would be a bit gloomy. Of course, many will remind us of the 5-game losing streak before the winning strech. I can see the similarities, and maybe this slump is “even better”. The last two games, we’ve scored goals. The problem has been our defense, which has somehow wet their pants ever since Andy Sutton came. What’s that, yes, the piss of Filip Kuba.

The Boston Bruins just won against the New York Rangers 2-1. Boston now has 76 points, three behind the 6th-seeded Senators. Ottawa is currently in a tie for 5th place with Philadelphia and Montreal. The Flyers play tonight against Atlanta. Ottawa plays tomorrow and on Tuesday against Montreal and Philadelphia respectively. If they want to at least guarantee a playoff spot early, they need to win those two back-to-back games. No excuses.

Next, Ottawa plays the division-leading Sabres on Friday. After that, their last game of the season will be against Buffalo. Good thing that Ottawa has pwned Ryan Miller and the Buffalo Sabres this season, going 4-0. If they can win at least 1 of those two games, than that will help big time.

During the month of April, every one of Ottawa’s games are against teams out of the playoff picture, for now, except for Buffalo of course. Canes, Isles, Cats, and Bolts. If Ottawa wins 3 of those 4 games, than playoffs here we come. It’s these little things that can be the difference. I still think they will make it in the 6th spot and play Buffalo.

EDIT: Actually, I’ve just realized that Ottawa might jump to 5th today. Here’s how. If Philly loses to Atlanta tonight in regulation, than both clubs will be tied in games played (meaning superior points percentage), wins, losses, OT/SO losses, which means the head-to-head matters. Ottawa has the lead  with 2-0 and 7-4 wins over Philadelphia while losing 5-1 to them earlier in the season.  GO THRASHERS!!!

EDIT 7:50 PM: The Ottawa Senators have moved into 5th place, as the Thrashers defeated the Flyers 3-1 tonight. Good sign, but it’s important Ottawa wins tomorrow and on Tuesday to seperate themselves from the rest of the field.