Hard Hits and Ado for Meaning


First off, last night’s game against the New York Rangers was a bit sad to see a loss, but I don’t think Ottawa Senators fans should be very nervous from that game. It was right after the Olympic Break, and lots of players were rusty. Heck, even the Rangers didn’t looks so good in their game except for 3 minutes in the 2nd period when they scored 3 goals. Now that they’re back in the game, the players will continue where they left off before the break.

Today was Canada Day #2, also known as Trade Deadline Day. And I must say, I’m a bit surprised there were a lot of trades today. However, I correctly predicted to big-name guys would be on the move. The players acquired were known names, but not superstar names. That’s why team like the Washington Capitals and Phoenix Coyotes were not their usual self and were active today. In my opinion, the Yotes were the best team today. They made smart, calculated moves by acquiring help on the blueline (Derek Morris), and help up front (Lee Stempniak, Wojtek Wolski). I can’t wait until they play they’re first playoff game in more than 8 years (yes, I’m predicting that).

As expected, the Ottawa Senators didn’t do anything today as they already acquired Matt Cullen and Andy Sutton before today, which now looks smart since acquiring people before the crazy day of Trade Deadline Day, which Pierre LeBrun also commented on ESPN today. It was the right move, and even though some will say we need scoring from the backend, I’ve been told that has been Bryan Murray’s plan—for the summer.