Daily Shots: Milky Comes Back and Stuck in a Picard


Just to inform everybody that this will be a daily thrashing-out of everything Sens from now on. Now, enjoy the first like it’s your last.

Milan Michalek is back after missing for 7 games with a concussion after Mike (The most Obvious Non-Olympian) Green from the Washington Capitals hit him cleanly. We all love Milan Michalek, but ever sicne the winter storm started brewing, he hasn’t performed well. Maybe it’s a slump, maybe it’s just getting used to Ottawa. I think Milky will come back and play great and rack up goals but will head into a slump before re-energizing at the end of the season and play great in the playoffs. Just a little prediction I had to throw out.

The bigger question with Michalek’s return has to the lines. All four lines except the fourth one have been like that for all of the winning streak. and they certainly have showed some chemistry. For one thing Cory Clouston should not tinker with the second line of Kovalev-Regin-Shannon, because that line has been on the top of it’s game. Nick Foligno is a guy you could possibly slide to the third line with Jarkko Ruutu and Chris Kelly. However, I ponder if Ottawa should keep Shean Donovan or Zack Smith in the lineup. I would go both. Instead, take out Jonathan Cheechoo for the game against the literal Blues. I know Cheechoo’s been working his arse off, but he’s the only guy in the bottom 4 or 5 that hasn’t been scratch. Heck, Foligno was scratched for one game. I think it’s time Cheechoo gets a day or two off.

Jason Spezza is expected to be back in a week,which is very surprising because most “pundits” said he would likely return a week before the Olympics. He’s likely taken a page out of El Capitano’s book, because it’s pretty darn great. I myself can’t see this team succeeding very much without Spez. I know some of you haters will conden me for that, but he’s our No.1 Centre, and contrary to popular belief, those guys win the Cup.

Also a sitch that needs to be solved is defense. I’ve been told that Alexandre Picard’s days as a Sen may be numbered. The top 6 D-Men look to be configured for now, and it would be wise to let Brian Lee take the 7th spot on D, just to please him and his agent. I still believe Washington may have interest in him, as they need a guy next to Mike Green who can play a secondary role on the PP.

Oh yeah, the Senators’ father trip ended. Hasse Alfredsson is proud of his son, but he likely never shows it. I still think he nees to put a smile on that frown sometimes.

On to the arch!